Bobcat lure and baits, why you need to pick good Bobcat Lures

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Bobcat Lure

Want to know how to trap and catch bobcats, more bobcats or stop bobcats from eating your deer, turkey, quail or livestock? You will need to know how to set bobcat traps, were to place the traps so bobcats can find them and what lure and bait bobcats are attracted to. This web site is to help you understand bobcat lures and bobcat baits far beyond finding a bottle or jar that says bobcat lure or bobcat bait on the label. Just because the label says bobcat, tomcat or cat lure on it, does not mean a bobcat will be attracted to it. There are a lot of so-called bobcat scents that are for trapping trappers and not the spotted cat that most trappers want to see waiting on them on their own trap line.

Let me introduce the person who is writing the words you are reading. This is important, not because of me, but so you can trust what you are reading. My name is Clint Locklear, President of Predator Control Group, INC, professional trapper and animal scent maker. There is a ton of information floating around the internet today, some good, a lot is not so good and even more are empty false sales pitches. Very few of the folks that talk about how YOU should catch bobcat or what magic lure of theirs you need to use, catch a lot of bobcats themselves. Think about that a moment, they do not have the years of catching around a 100 bobcats a year, to be honest, most guys that preach to you about how you should trap bobcats have not caught a 100 bobcats in their whole life. Why is this often over looked fact important to you? If they do not have enough real world experience to learn how bobcats react to certain smells, ingredients, certain glands, oil, meats, plants or musk’s, how are they making their bobcat lures? Building a great bobcat lure takes years, many different combinations, understanding humidity, elevation, being washed out by rain, exposure to the air out of the bottle and how a bobcat reacts to the lure in the wilds. My lures and understanding of bobcats comes from thousands of miles on the cat line, over 20 different states chasing them. Real bobcat lures are born in the dust and mud of a bobcat long line. The secrete of good bobcat lures come from learning what bobcats don’t really care about, what does not work no matter how strong the myths and half truths proclaim them to be. Real bobcat lures come from observation, sweat, blood shoot eyes and an open mind. More importantly, real bobcat lures are approved by hundreds and hundreds of dead bobcats that traded their silky spotted pelts to get a first or second smell of that top notch bobcat lure. Real bobcat lures like Cat Collector, Rub Lure, Cat Fancy and our Trailing Scent for bobcats do what they are born to do, they jump out and grab a bobcats attention and keep it. Real bobcat lure does not run from the rain or fizzle out after a day in the sun or wind. Real bobcat lure catches fur and makes the trapper a lot of real money, grown up money.

Why would you use an unproven or half ass made bobcat lure? I don’t understand it! Because of my carrier path I get to meet a lot of trappers and folks that want to get into bobcat trapping. The reasons are all over the board for catching cats, but one thing is for sure, they want to trap bobcats. It pains me to listen to all the wasted time, wasted money, wasted energy and stories about how they did not catch a bobcat or as many bobcats as they should have to. Make no mistake, lure is not the end all with catching and trapping bobcats, but it is a major step into reaching your potential. You need to understand bobcat trap locations, good cat traps, sets, flagging, having a proven bobcat catching system like is in our Cat Collector DVD and yes real bobcat lure is a must. Stop being the guy or girl that is working hard and not getting the results you should be getting. Stop listening to folks that know how you should catch more bobcats when they can’t do it themselves. Stop trying to coyote trap your bobcats and for goodness sake, use a real honest killer bobcat lure or bait. Why?

One, you can make some really good money trapping bobcats today. The amount will be determined where you live, trap and take your cats. Average bobcats today can bring $60-$150 each. In a lot of the west they can bring you $400- $1,500 each. That is real money! So don’t miss a $200-$1,000 bobcat because of your choice of bobcat lure or because you are trying to save 50 scents on a cheaper made lure and miss several $100-$500 bobcats, that is crazy and self defeating.

Two, You need exposure today as a trapper. I can tell you that as more of my catch photo’s and catch numbers bounce around the internet, the more ground and places I can trap. The more exposure I have received from my bobcat and coyote catches, the more predator Control I get handed to me. This means I can catch even more fur, why? Because landowners want to know that you know what you are doing. Plus they can brag about the guy that is catching there problem animals for them. You get exposure today with piles and piles of bobcats and then you have more opportunity to have guys pay you $250-$500 a day for personal instruction to learn how you trap so many bobcats. Could you use an extra $10,000 a year given to you because you know how to catch bobcats and use the right lure to get it done. Once you get your exposure, you will find that trap and supply companies will give you supplies to help promote there products. Could you use some free traps, trapping supplies and free lure to test. Exposure is powerful, that is the world we live in today. Lets face it, if your catching a lot of bobcats, using the right traps, trapping system, flags, trap locations and the right lures, people will know who you are and respect you for you ability to catch more fur than most other trappers.

Three, Once you catch all these bobcats, take plenty of pictures. Remember something here, once you sale all your fur and spend all that money, your memory’s are all you have left. I can look at my photo albums today and travel back in time places I have not been in years, I remember the interesting people I have meet, the trap lines, flat tires, frosty mornings and the thunder storms. Some times I can almost smell the swamp waters of the delta or taste the Mexican food in NM and Texas. I swear I can smell the cat smells, feel the silky fur and recall the great conversations I have had with trapping friends in the skinning shed. Besides that, it is fun to see trappers and non-trappers appreciate all the bobcats piled in the back of the truck, hung on the fence or nailed to the barn. Remember, it is not bragging if you can and have done it.

Four, Don’t let your buddy or competition beat you because of your lure choice. Lets face it, it is fun to hear you friends and competition try and figure out why you bring in more bobcats than they do. There is never a reason to brag about your catch, when other can see you fur pile.

Five, Enjoy the outdoors and be part of nature. You can do this with sub-standard bobcat lures, but it is more fun to be successful. If you are trying to get kids involved in the pursuit of fun, then you have to keep them interested and catches are the key to make this happen. Trappers are the ultimate outdoors men. These skills and our knowledge needs to be passed down and enjoyed every fall and winter. Using the right lure and catching fur makes trapping more enjoyable for every one. So don’t be a hermit, take someone along with you and enjoy your bobcat catch with friends.

Now lets look into the world of Bobcat lures and Baits, plus a few bobcat trapping tips thrown in for fun.

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