Bobcat Lure, foor odors and Bobcat trapping tip

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Food odors in bobcat lures- This is straight forward. Bobcats are predators and they like to eat like me and you. Bobcats are amazing hunters and do not scavenge like coyotes, fox or buzzards for the most part. In some parts of the country where the winters a extra brutal and the snow gets very deep for months at a time, a bobcat will turn to scavenging to survive. Sometime they will eat other bobcats when times get harsh enough. Even though bobcats will scavenge sometimes, they like to hunt and kill there own food. This is very important for a bobcat trapper to keep in mind. They eat meat and will show interest in food smells, but for the most part they will NOT dig at you lure and try and get it out of your dirt holes sets like coyotes and fox. Think of food odors in cat lures like you smelling a smoker bellowing of pure pork goodness into the air or the odor of pies baking in the oven when you step in your front door. It will make your stomach growl and switch your brain to eating, even if you were not hungry a few seconds before you smelled the food. The propose of having a food odor in some cat lures is to trigger that hungry response

Even if the bobcat will not try to eat the lure. I will tell you that food based only lure is not a great bobcat lure as a whole. Bobcats need more reasons to spend time at you trap set once they realize the food odor is not something they can hunt and eat fresh. My Cat Collector, Cat Fancy and Trailing Scent bobcat lures all have a food or a couple of food triggers in them.

bobcat lure trapping tip

Bobcat Trapping Tip – Since bobcats do not normally want to dig out your lure like coyote and fox, your trap placement need to reflect this reality. I see and hear of a lot of bobcat trappers that place their traps close to the lure. Except for rub or projection sets, this WILL COST YOU FUR. A bobcat is not a coyote or fox. For the most part bobcats are curious as to what is in you dirt hole or at your flat set. The will ONLY get close enough to the odor to fill there curiosity and then they move along. They will not perform a paw dance like coyotes and fox do. Most bobcats move very little around a strange odor and set. This is a fact, not opinion. I have watched several bobcats in night vision work lured sets with night vision cameras. To trap the most percentage of bobcats that work your sets, move your trap back. My trap placement is about 18 inches from lure. You can learn my system of catching up to 173 bobcats in a trapping season on my four hour Cat Collector DVD. This is the same system and trap placement we teach at our Texas Predator School.


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