Bobcat Lure with Musk, reasons why for catching more bobcats

lure bait bobcat 

Musk in bobcat lure – This is one of the most interesting lure ingredients for bobcat lures to play with. It is fun on one hand and time consuming and frustrating on the other. Musk seem to trip the triggers of bobcats in different ways. Some musk’s like beaver castor can trigger a hunger response. Castor can also be a fixative and used in such small quantity that you can’t smell the castor. Can a bobcat, I don’t know. There are a lot of crude not so productive bobcat lures that load up on the castor and throw in an oil to give the lure a different odor than a beaver lure. Castor is a great ingredient, but it is not the end all odor a lot of lure makers claim. How do I know this, I have tested bobcat lure in over 20 states in fall, winter, spring and summer for control work. If you are looking to maximizing you bobcat catch, don’t think you will do it on castor or a lure that is mostly castor based. If you want to know the truth, beaver oil from the sacks test better than castor does as a whole.

There are also a host of other musk’s to work with in productive bobcat lures. Some come from deer and deer from around the world. Like tonquin musk. Trust me on this all deer musks and even tonquin musk’s are not equal in a bobcat lure. Tonquin comes in many different grades, odors and in results on your trap line.

More good musk’s that can be in bobcat lures are mink musk, badger musk, otter musk, civet musk, muskrat musk, white musk, ambrette musk, skunk musk and many more. Musk can be a tricky product to work with. Sometimes a lot in a lure is good and other times it kills the lures productivity. Some musk’s work and play well with other musk’s and some of the time they screw up the mixture.

bobcat cat lure

I like several musk’s for bobcat lures because they can trigger many different responses in a bobcat. A lot of the musk’s are exotic to the cat because it is not from the area the bobcat lives and hunts. If musk is used right, they will be the difference in really reaching out and grabbing that bobcats attention and they seem to keep him at the set for the maximum amount of time. My Cat Collector, Rub Lure, Cat Fancy and bobcat Trailing Scent all are loaded with several different musk’s that perform different jobs when the bobcat is investigating the set.


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