Bobcat Lures, Essential Oils and Plant tinctures, cat mint and cat nip etc..

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Plant Tinctures and Essential Oils in Bobcat Lures- Most people expect to smell catnip in a bobcat lure. This is a good bobcat lure ingredient no question, but it is not the end all lure ingredient that a lot of trappers claim and believe in. I have two cats, one loves catnip and the other gets no reaction at all. Bobcats are no different. This is why I think a bobcat lure that is based around catnip is only half a bobcat lure. The other factor to keep in mind is real catnip oil is crazy expensive. Real catnip oil cost 6-10 times as much as top notch tonquin. It is not even that strong of an odor. The part of catnip that does turn some cats on is not the odor, but the chemical make up that reacts with the central nervous system of the cat. Most bobcat lures on the market today are imitation catnip. It does not even smell like true catnip oil. To make matters worse, the imitation catnip oil does NOT have the chemical make up to turn on bobcats. The fake stuff does have value, it will help carry other odors further out from the set. If someone tells you that their bobcat lure has real pure catnip and you can smell it in the lure, then the lure should cost you around $15-$20 per once to buy. Like I said real cat nip oil is high dollar stuff per oz. I make my own version of catnip oil. It is a two stage product to make and is not cheap, but nothing like the real oil. Think heavy tincture then moonshine and you will be on the right track. What I make does keep the chemical action of real catnip oil, but is not as strong in odor. I have this product in Rub Lure, Cat Fancy and my Trailing Scent for bobcats. What I find interesting is that some cats some more interest in the plant Cat Mint. I also play with this plant because of the reaction I see bobcats make with it on night vision. As far as I know, if you want to experiment with cat mint, then you need to grow it and figure out how to use it in formula.


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