CAT COLLECTOR the king Bobcat Lure, I will let the lure show you

bobcat lure cat collector

CAT COLLECTOR is the boss bobcat lure. That is a massive claim to make I know. We both know that anyone that makes anything says theirs is the best. With today‚Äôs hype and marketing hot air I can understand if you think this is a tall claim and my nose is growing as you read this, I get it. That is why I made the video below, watch it. I am not telling you CAT COLLECTOR is a great bobcat lure, I am showing you the results…trapped bobcats. Keep in mind that the bobcats you see in the video were caught on my bobcat lure, no other brand of bobcat lures.

If your like me, you want to see proof of the quality of the product and if a product works well before you spend your hard earned money. As you watch the below video, let the caught bobcats show you why CAT COLLECTOR is THE must have bobcat lure on a trappers bobcat line. As you watch the video, you will probably be wondering why you don’t see another bobcat lure maker show you a video of the results of their cat lure like mine. Maybe they can, I don’t know, but why have you not seen the results of other lure makers products with mass bobcat catches from their lure. Just a thought !

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